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Church in Opatov


Every day at work is an experience in our industry, but some days are really special.

This time we went to replace a faulty antenna in Opatov. What’s so special about that? This antenna is located on a church tower! 📡🏰

In order not to disturb the aesthetics of the church, we carefully spray painted the antenna so that it was as little visible as possible.

#TransmitterAtChurch #MidgardNetworks #60GHz #Wave

Up to 200Mbit in Říčky? Why not…


We can now offer up to 200Mbit where you wouldn’t expect it before! 🌐
Join the wave of the new MidWave wireless technology, which you can now find in Říčky! 🏡🔗


#MidWave #Říčky #MidgardNetworks 💻📡

Challenge in Slavice


The atypical roof covering together with the height of the building and other aspects were a challenge for us, but we gladly accept the challenge! Take a look at how we successfully completed the construction of the transmitter for the village of Slavice! 🏗️
We are now ready to bring you up to 100Mbit using MidLTU wireless technology available to part of Slavice! 💻
For more information, click here: www.midgard.cz/midltu
#UbiquitiLTU #MidgardNetworks #internet 🌐

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Faster internet in Červená Lhota


Faster internet also in Červená Lhota! 💻🚀

On Wednesday, most of our team met and together we started rebuilding the main transmitter for Červená Lhota. 💪🔧
And the result? Check out a few catches from the event! 😊.

More at: www.midgard.cz/midwave 🌐


Modernization on the backbone transmitter

Amazing night event on the main transmitter for Okříšky, Přibyslavice and surroundings! 🌌

Do you want to know what happened on 18.01. from midnight to 6 a.m.? Check out our exclusive behind the scenes look for yourself!
During this event we made the rack box bigger and replaced all the important components. 🚀 This will not only ensure our network grows, but is also kept up to date and modern in every way! 💡

#RozvojSítě #NeustaleAktualni #MidgardNetworks

Modernization in Trebic – Hospital

We have been preparing and thoroughly testing new technologies for a long time. Now you have the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of our network and follow the development of these innovations! 🚀
Watch exclusive footage on one of our many transmitters where we are preparing these technologies for you 🔜📈.
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date! 💻🌐
#Modernization #Ubiquiti #60Ghz #Trebic

We have launched our new website


We have just launched a new website. The complete structure of the website and design has changed. We focused on making the new site more intuitive for visitors and making the website meet today’s trends and standards.

We hope you enjoy the new website.


Failure of data services


On July 3, 2020, there was a massive outage of data services. The outage was caused by earthworks, which damaged the optical cable.


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