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Order of services

To order our internet services, simply contact us. Fill out non-binding form on our website or call our business line +420 530 512 012 which is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00. Your internet connection request will then be forwarded to one of our technicians who will start checking the internet availability at your address.

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Check availability and possible visit

After ordering the internet, we will do a thorough check of the availability of all possible technologies in your location. A technician will offer you all available tariffs and will recommend you the one that suits you best. The technician can also talk to you arrange an on-sight visit if he does not have enough documentation to see if the internet connection is possible. If our expert assesses that the connection will be stable and high qualityyou will agree together on the execution.

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The receiving antenna must be placed so that it has a direct view of our transmitter. We normally place the antenna on on an existing mast, on a bracket on a chimney, on a bracket under a roof tile, etc. An outdoor data cable (FTP) must be connected to the antenna, which will end, for example, in the utility room or wherever the internet will be used. This cable is used to power the antenna as well as for data transmission (POE).

It is not necessary for the customer to have a ready place to place the antenna, a stretched cable, or their own WiFi router. Our technicians, who are equipped for this event, will take care of everything. The total installation time varies depending on the complexity, the continuous installation time takes from 1 hour to 3 hours.

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Setting up an internal home network (Wi-Fi)

If you do not have a Wi-Fi router or want to upgrade your existing one, you can choose from a technician up to three Wi-Fi routers in different price ranges. According to your requirements, the optimal WiFi router will be recommended to you, which will have sufficient coverage for your household.

We also offer more powerful Wi-Fi routers and Mesh systems from Ubiquiti UniFi, or TP-Link Omada. We are able to provide and configure any of your devices.

The name and password for your Wi-Fi network is up to you, we recommend that you think of these details in advance.

List of Wi-Fi routers:

  • TP-LINK WR840N
  • 600 CZK
  • TP-LINK AC1200 C6
  • 1150 CZK
  • 1999 CZK
  • 2499 CZK
Konfigurace Wi-Fi | Midgard Networks
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Signing the contract

After checking the speed and functionality, we will draw up a contract with you. Here you decide on the payment style - standing order, SIPO, monthly/quarterly/annual payment method and we will add your contact details. The contract is for an indefinite period with no ancillary or hidden charges. The notice period is 1 month and the receiving antenna is owned by Midgard Networks at all times.

Want to know what our contract looks like? Here you can view model contract and general conditions.

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