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Internet MidWave

Internet MidWave

Our new MidWave tariffs offers you stable, flawless, and incredibly fast internet. If your priority is speed and low latency, the MidWave plan will take your digital life to the next level.

But beware, this offer is only available in certain locations. Become one of the lucky ones and join today!


Internet MidWave tarify

* The download/upload speed ratio is 1:2, for example, a 200Mbit plan means the download speed is 200Mbit/s and the upload speed is 100Mbit/s.

* Activation fee varies depending on the distance from the transmitter (high cost of antenna acquisition).


Ubiquiti Wave is an innovative technology for fast and reliable wireless connection in the 60GHz band. It represents a modern solution for high-speed wireless links with emphasis on stability, speed, and low latency.

What is the 60GHz band?

The 60GHz band is a part of the radio spectrum that has not been widely used for a long time. However, Ubiquiti utilizes this frequency to create fast and stable wireless connections. The 60GHz band is much less affected by interference, making it an ideal choice for connections in areas with high device concentration.


Speed - high transfer speeds allow us to offer speeds comparable to what you would expect from fiber optic connections.

Low Latency - low latency is especially useful for avid gamers where every millisecond counts.

Redundancy - the antenna is equipped with active redundancy, meaning you won't lose a single moment online even if the main connection is lost.

Support - continuous updates from developers ensure the technology continues to improve, bringing optimizations and even greater performance.

Available Locations


  • Covers most of the town


  • Pokrývá menší část již pokryté oblasti

Červená Lhota

  • Covers most of the town


  • Covers a smaller part of the town

Náměšť nad Oslavou

  • Covers most of the town


  • Covers most of the town


  • Covers most of the town


  • Covers most of the town


  • Covers most of the town

Přibyslavice u Třebíče

  • Covers most of the town


  • Covers a smaller part of the town


  • Covers a smaller part of the town


  • Oblast Horka Domky (Ulice Demlova)
  • Oblast Týn (Ulice J.Haška)
  • Oblast Vnitřní město a ulice Brněnská (Nemocnice)
  • Oblast Nové Dvory (Ulice Novodvorská)
  • Oblast Horka Domky a Jejkov (Vaňkovo náměstí)
  • Oblast Vnitřní město (Okolí ulice 9. května)
  • Oblast ulice Bráfova třída

Didn't find your address in the list? Don't worry! Call our sales line or send an email and we will gladly check the available rates for you.


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