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Internet MidLTU

Internet MidLTU

Ubiquiti LTU is a revolutionary technology for wireless data transmission, offering excellent performance and reliability. The abbreviation "LTU" stands for "Long-Range Wireless Technology," indicating its ability to reach long distances without compromising speed or stability.

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Internet MidLTU tarify

* The download/upload speed ratio is 1:2, for example, a 100Mbit plan means the download speed is 100Mbit/s and the upload speed is 50Mbit/s.


Ubiquiti LTU represents cutting-edge technology for wireless data transmission, bringing you the speed, reliability, and range you need for seamless wireless connectivity.


Speed - offers high data transfer speeds that will satisfy the entire household.

Reliability - thanks to advanced technologies and high interference resistance, it can maintain a stable connection even in challenging environments.

Long Range - is designed to achieve long distances without losing performance, making it ideal for covering large areas.

Available Locations

  • Březník
  • Domašov
  • Domamil
  • Javůrek
  • Kouty
  • Krokočín
  • Náměšť nad Oslavou
  • Kralice nad Oslavou
  • Moravské Budějovice
  • Okříšky
  • Ostašov
  • Přibyslavice u Třebíče
  • Přibyslavice u Velké Bíteše
  • Sokolí
  • Slavice
  • Stanoviště
  • Zbraslav
  • Říčky

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