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Wireless tariff

Internet MidAir

Internet MidAir

This tariff uses Ubiquiti AirMAX AC technology, which we have been using for a long time as our basic wireless connection. Compared to its predecessor, the AirMAX M series, it uses advanced technology to achieve higher data speeds and better overall performance. With support for the 802.11ac standard, it delivers faster data speeds and better throughput.


Internet MidAir tarify

*The download/upload speed ratio is 1:2, for example a 50Mbit tariff means that the download speed is 50Mbit/s and the upload speed is 25Mbit/s.


Ubiquiti airMAX AC is a wireless technology that uses the 802.11ac standard to achieve higher speeds and better data throughput. With advanced features and an improved design, airMAX AC provides a more stable connection and lower latency, which is key for modern applications that require high performance and reliability. It represents the best choice in 5G wireless antennas.


Availability - stable connection even in challenging environments.

Reliability - thanks to advanced technologies and high resistance to interference, it can keep the connection stable even in harsh environments.

Price - due to its favourable price range, activation fees are lower.

Available locations

Tarif MidAir can be found in every village where we provide our internet services. Check availability by clicking on this link.


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