We will produce your price offer individually based on specific demand.

You can contact us in writing via the inquiry form or use the customer service line 530 512 012.

Telecommunication network of Midgard Networks ltd. is operated on leased optical FTTx infrastructure, via radio links operating in the licensed 11GHz band and free the 5, 10, 17, 24GHz and 80GHz.

APs our networks are operated on Linux and using packet prioritization - QoS. Active control network components are built on the Linux operating system. The main nodes are equipped with a backup power supply for a period of at least 5 hours. The nodes of the network and major customers are constantly monitoring and information about emergency conditions 24 hours a day via SMS is automatically transmitted to a monitoring center personnel. Every customer is acquiring a guarantee resolve failures on the same day or next business day. If you wish to make an offer at a speed of 10 Mbit to 1 Gbit please contact us. Our staff will be fully pursue to you.

  • an ideal choice for both small and large companies that require reliable, high-quality Internet access
  • aggregation of 1: 1, without limiting the amount of data
  • guaranteed symmetric speed
  • high stability without fluctuation speed
  • connection is implemented the latest technologies in radio communications and optical networks
  • ensuring the availability of any number of IP addresses on the Internet to meet customer needs

More informations

Service SLA

SLA is an English acronym for Service Level Agreement. SLA is a guarantee of quality and accessibility of services, where the service provider is able to guarantee you the parameters calm and under penalty for non-compliance. The goal is not to get it SLA penalties (mostly percent discount on the monthly service fee), but rather to ensure the quality of services.

Poskytovatel garantuje úroveň zákaznické kvality služeb (SLA), kde je úroveň stanovenou ve smlouvě nebo v rozpisu - faktury.

SLA parameters:

  • repair within 24 hours of reported faults
  • packet loss on the network access maximally 1%
  • response access network maximum 30ms
  • clarity of voice communications
  • availability of services 99.5%

What is commonplace:

  • Contracts are normally concluded for an indefinite period with a notice period of 1 měsíc. All tariffs are guaranteed quality and availability based on contractual SLA parameters.
  • The establishment of public IP addresses is free.
  • Continuous monitoring of the state of connections.