• No activation fees and no liabilities - our services have no hidden catches or hidden charges. The terminal devices will be happy to sell, but you can also use your, if technically suitable.
  • Always we charge the actual cost - We don't pay for any administrative tasks, because you as a customer of them have nothing. Activating our services, pause, resume and cancel access is free. You pay only the actual work technician.
  • Back guarantee merchandise - you don't know if you'll be certain card, accespoint antenna or other equipment comply? Nevermind, within 30 days without giving any reason you can return it and get your money back in full, or can be exchanged for other goods from our offer.
  • Nonstop service and network monitoring - Your problem with your Internet connection we operatively solve every day regardless of time of day. If you absolutely need a network component, you can pick up in any time.


  • 7/14/17:
    Website optimization
    - we launched a optimized, more transparent website.
  • 4/13/17:
    - on 4/13/17 we expanded our network on another locality: Horní Vilémovice, Petrůvky.
  • 8/12/15:
    Network expansion
    - on Dec. 9, 2015, we expanded our network on another locality: Palečkův mlýn. Orders can be made on tel. Number 530512012 or via the web form.
  • 1/8/15:
    New website
    - on 1 August 2015 we launched a new, more transparent website.